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Project Activities

The activities to benefit from the Project Management and Implementation budget are listed below.

  1.  Meeting the accreditation costs during the Türkak and MYK inspection process,
  2. Mobile application costs to prepare for MYK certification exam,
  3. Meeting the hosting and management costs of the project website,
  4. Meeting the application fees of MYK pilot exam for candidates by EDESM,
  5. Surveys on public and private sector views, public opinion polls,
  6. Covering the costs of Leaflets, Posters, Rol-Ups, logo, promotion etc. dissemination materials,
  7. Partnership meetings, preparation costs before dissemination activities,
  8. Meeting the costs of stationery and some consumables,
  9. Covering sectoral lobbying costs,
  10. Meeting the project training booklet costs to be distributed to the stakeholders at the final conference,