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Technical Content Team

TCTeam GmbH (Technical Content Team) is an independent technical documentation service provider which is located in Bonn and was found in March 2010. We offer preparation, consulting and assessment services and are specialised in the field of rail vehicle technology.
We are consistently dedicated to technical competence and customer orientation. Our focus is preparation of operating and maintenance documentation, development of documentation concepts and provision of technical trainings. We enjoy what we’re doing – commitment, fun and enthusiasm are very important to us. To ensure that our customers can rely on a high level of dedication, we promote an open, friendly and appreciative corporate culture and constantly enhance our technical competence. This is our basis for employee and customer satisfaction.
The “team” is part of the company name and our key to success: Every team member adds to the success by contributing their different skills. Yet, we all share the same passion for technology. We communicate directly and openly – among ourselves and with our customers. The hierarchy is flat and not acted out. We foster a working atmosphere that allows for concentration, creativity and personal freedom. We make consistent use of advanced technologies at the workplace – without any fear of contact: for a professional and straightforward contact with our customers at all times. We consistently meet our customers’ requirements and makes their projects our own.

Our employees do not only share the passion for technology but also in-depth professional experience. Our editorial team consists of engineers and technicians who can bank on vast experience in the fields of technical documentation and maintenance of rail vehicles. Our certified technical editors and specialists in graphic design and information technology round off our company’s profile. We promote personal communication and therefore keep a steady dialogue among ourselves and with our customers. In doing so, we attach great importance to an affable and straightforward contact. We consider ourselves specialists in our area of expertise: railway transportation technology. This is where we offer high-quality services. We do not deliver any standardised products or constantly recurring services of the same kind. For us, quality is measured by the satisfaction of our various customers. Focussing on the customer and the project is the basis for a successful outcome. A “one fits all” approach is not our tool of choice. We listen, follow and think ahead making your questions and problems our own. We offer an extensive range of experience and competence. This allows us to precisely respond to the specific requirements of different customers.

Our expertise is based on the team’s excellent skills and the longstanding experience gained in projects carried out with our industrial customers from Europe and abroad. We are capable of quite a lot, yet with them, we are even stronger: Our network of freelancers and partner companies supports us with additional skills and capacities if needed.
We are experienced in the use of several document preparation tools including:
• All Microsoft Office products
• Layout software (FrameMaker, InDesign)
• Technical documentation and content management systems (such as COSIMA, SCHEMA ST4, DB-Refi, DB IDH-Tool, Trainmate)
• XML editors (such as Arbortext, XMetaL)
• Graphic design programs (CorelDRAW, Illustrator)
• Image editors (Photoshop)
• Visualisation of 3D data (Creo View)
• Web content management systems (WordPress, Typo3)
• Diverse customer-specific software solutions

• Technical Documentation for railway vehicles
• Vehicle descriptions
• Operating instructions for train drivers and train crew
• Maintenance documentation
• Work instructions for the maintenance of vehicles and components
• Technical project documents
• Repair manuals and work instructions according to RIL 900.0502Z03 and RIL 900.0504
• Hazard assessment
• Activity-related hazard assessment
• Consideration of the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG, Mutterschutzgesetz)
• Consideration of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV, Gefahrstoffverordnung)
• References to basic investigations
• Coordination with human resources department and company doctor
• Hazard assessment according to RRIL 132.0135
• Conceptual design and consulting
• Documentation specifications and instructions
• Documentation concepts (content, layout, data organisation, implementation strategy)
• Software solutions for applications relating to technical documentation
• Assessment of technical documentation and documentation specifications
• Documentation management, quality assurance and progress control measures
• Assistance in quotation documentation for large-scale projects
• ILS documentation (Integrated Logistic Support)

• Training and instruction material
• Training material for technical personnel
• Planning, organisation and implementation of vehicle training courses
• Technical vehicle training

Key Contacts :
Rumeysa Çekmez: Technical editor and trainer for railway technology in TC Team GmbH. She graduated as an English teacher and worked for TCDD (Turkey) in high-speed trains for 9 years. She has 11-year experience in railway industry.

Jochen Heinen:General manager and founder of TC Team GmbH. He is a mechanical engineer and has more than 20-year experience in railway industry and management.