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Turkish Railway Engineers’ Association (DEMUHDER) founded in 2010, the association is non-profit organisation. Demuhder has more than 420 members who have engineering
formation in the railway sector, from different geographical regions, different business units, different expertise and business.
– To provide coordination between the engineers in the railway sector,
– Support engineers in development of their occupational skills and know how, who are settled in the Turkish railway market,
– Follow the international „State of the art“ and cooperating in implementation of the international railway standards and technologies into Turkish legislation,
– Connect the national railway experts under one roof,
– To build of a platform for cooperation and exchange of know how between members,
– To support members in finding out the most compatible position for their abilities and potentials,
– To follow up the railway technologies and developments on national and international level, publish related events and support the highest technology to implement and produce in
– To create a bridge connection between universities, state entities and private actors,
– To organize events e.g. course, seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences and discussion rounds,
– To arrange or join to social activities e.g. concerts, theaters, exhibitions, fairs and sport events to construct social dialogs between members.
– Providing the development of the national railway sector in the scientific center,
– Providing the expert support in the field of vocational and technical training of railway professionals,
– Supporting the Research &Development activities of the railway sector,
– Supporting for the development of the sector’s certification and certification processes,
– Publishing scientific publications about the railway sector,

Demuhder’s Activities related in our Project :
Certification and Certification Processes:
– TSI 1299 Technical Specifications for Interoperability Seminar 28.04.2016
Scientific Publications :
– Maintenance and Certification in Railway Vehicles – ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) – This book has writen by Dr. Ömür Akbayır who is member of Demuhder, and published
by DEMUHDER Publishing.
– Compliance Audits and Safety Management for the European Union Railway Companies and Infrastructure Managers – This book has writen by Dr. İ.Müjdat Başaran and Türker Ahi
who are members of Demuhder, and published by DEMUHDER Publishing.
– Published every 3 months and International Refereed Journal : “Demiryolu Mühendisliği”
Fair, Workshops and Seminar:
– ISERSE 2013 – 2nd International Rail Systems Symposium
– Eurasia Rail 2016 İstanbul
– Railway Accidents Workshop – 2016
– Eurasia Rail 2019 İzmir
In our country, our members have taken active role the whole high speed railway projects and their procesess. Our experts which are below, still take key roles in the field of high
speed train sets testing, commissioning and maintaining processes and they are working together high speed trains maintenance professionals.