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Cinarli Mesleki ve Teknik Anaolu Lisesi

Although Çınarlı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School opened in 2013. It has achieved great success speedly. The main purpose of the school is education of its students
as qualified individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills suitable for the needs of the sector. Students will be employed after graduation, qualified in European Union
standards, highly self- confident and adaptation. Besides the academic and professional development of students, the school cares about student’s social and spiritual development.
The school provides education and training with total 44 teachers in the field of Rail Systems Technology, Electric-Electronic Technology and Chemical Technology. The administrative
works of the school is carried out by 1 school manager, 3 vice manager and 1 civil servant. There is also one technician at the school.
School was 3rd in Turkey in M. Ali Kağıtçı Innovative Design (M. Ali Kağıtçı Yenilikçi Tasarımlar Yarışması) competition. In the Focus Project which realized in Kocaeli, School was 3rd
among the vocational high schools. School achieved regional degrees in Tübitak projects. School has participated in the “Make Tomorrow” contest organized by the Turkey
Technology Team Foundation (T3). School participates in international MEB Robot Competitions in several branches every year.
Çınarlı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School’s Erasmus + KA102 Vocational Education Student and Personnel Mobility project named “Rails for Future” which was receive a
grant in the 2017 call period has been completed successfully. In the scope of Project, teacher training and on observation (on-the-job) activities were carried out in the Czech Republic
for two weeks and in Italy for two weeks.
The School was participant as an end-beneficiary for Erasmus K2 Project named “Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Initiative” which was coordinated by Kocaeli
Metropolitan Municipality .
On 2019 call period,
Çınarlı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School’s Erasmus + KA102 Vocational Education Student and Personnel Mobility project named “Railways Move Our Youth the
Future” which was receive a grant in the 2019 call period. In the scope of Project, 6 students will be intern for 3 weeks on April/2020, 5 students will be intern in the Czech Republic for
3 weeks on July/2020. 5 Teachers which are railway technology professionals, will carry out training and on observation (on-the-job) activities in the Czech Republic and in Italy on
On 2019 and 2020, School was participant and education which taken by East Marmara Development Agency Continuing Education Center ( Marmara Kalkınma Ajansı) about
Preparation and Management of Erasmus+KA2 and KA3 Projects. After this training the school was certificated and increase number of educated personnel.
On 2-3 December 2019, 3 teachers who are members of the School Project team particapeted of Workshop for Projects Using ECVET (European Credit System For Vocational
Education And Training) Tools which organised by Turkey’s National Agency.
Because of our projects are a continuation of each other, our key personnel have participated in our previous projects and took part in their project management. School choise these
experts because of they are taking couse in the field of rail systems, they are open to self-improvement, they have student-centered education as a principle, using interactive teaching
programs, can achieve the goals of the project, and suitable for team work. These personnel follow all development of their professional fields. In accordance with the technological
developments in their professional fields, they update the learning outcomes to be gained in internships in the companies.
The Project Contact Person has prepared and coordinated Erasmus + projects. He has a certificate of evaluation according to the national occupational standards of the Project
Coordination Center Presidency. He participated in the seminars on the Analysis of the Profession Analysis in New Areas, and has English proficiency.
Hakan ÖZTÜRK and Salih MISIR, who have the experiences described above, are our experts and they will play a key role in our project.